How Your Mindset Affects Your Massage Experience

A massage (and especially a CBD massage) is one of the most relaxing and healthy luxuries for your body, mind, and spirit. Many individuals seek out a massage when they’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. While a massage from an experienced therapist is rejuvenating and can turn around a stressful day, you may be surprised to learn that your mindset can enhance the experience. Curious about how your state of mind affects your spa treatments and how to improve your massage therapy experience? Here’s what you should know about the profound impact of mindset.

How Emotional State Affects Your Spa Services 

When you’ve had a rough week and you’re in need of some R&R, a relaxing day of spa treatments has the potential to help you start fresh. If you’re feeling anxious or upset when walking into the spa, take a few moments to center yourself and create a peaceful mindset. When you begin your massage in a pleasant emotional state, you’ll get the most out of the service and immediately find rejuvenation. Your emotional state plays a significant role in every aspect of your daily life, but you may not be aware that your state of mind also has a considerable impact on your massage therapy experience. While a massage may leave you feeling light as a feather and ready to breeze through the rest of the week, it may take some time to reach this state of being once you’re in session. If you’d like to put aside negative feelings and start your treatment in a Zen emotional place, consider working on your mindset ahead of time. Here are techniques to help you tap into a calm state of consciousness: 

Try These Techniques 

  • Arrive early. If you need a few minutes to de-stress prior to your appointment, arrive five to ten minutes before your scheduled service. Use this time to close your eyes in the lobby and meditate, or simply take several deep breaths. 
  • Draw an intention card. Many individuals struggle with self-guided meditation, so it may be difficult to reach your ideal mindset before your massage commences. Our True Bloom Spa therapists will guide you in drawing an intention card, which can help you leave unpleasant thoughts or emotions behind and plant the seed for positive emotions.  Once your intention card is revealed (for example: joy), allow yourself to think about joyful experiences to bring you into this state of being. After visualizing scenes that inspire happiness or tranquility, slipping into a positive mindset and fully immersing yourself in the massage will be a lot easier.
  • Breathe deeply and visualize your breath going into the area of your body being massaged.  This simple technique can help you reach a place of Zen.  

Finding peace before your treatment begins can make a significant impact on your Boulder massage therapy experience. At True Bloom Spa, we offer numerous plant-powered treatments to help you feel your best and leave your worries behind. If you’d like to learn more about our array of luxurious services, get in touch with our team or book online today.