Tips for Planning the Perfect Group Spa Day

Do you have a special event coming up to celebrate?  Birthday? Anniversary? Friends reuniting in Boulder?  Just need some fun time together with friends? Plan a group spa day for the ultimate experience in relaxation and bonding! We recently had four sisters join us for an ah-mazing spa day of two treatments each, each sibling arriving from a different part of the country. If you’ve never organized a group trip to a day spa in Boulder, consider the tips we share here (and consider True Bloom!) to ensure an unforgettable pampering session. 

Chat in Advance

Group spa days can be a great way to relax and catch up. However, not everyone has the same preferences, and even close friends may have differing ideas of the perfect combination of services. While you may be a manicure and pedicure devotee, your group of friends or family may have their heart set on a massage, facial, or relaxation therapy soak. To keep the experience positive and rejuvenating, be sure to chat in advance to plan the perfect day. Whether you choose to stay together or split up for a session or two, communication makes all the difference when it comes to group activities.  To ensure that all parties leave the spa feeling refreshed and revitalized, start the planning process early so everyone feels included. 

Choose the Best Spa for Your Needs 

Boulder offers no shortage of spas, but you’ll need to choose the best environment for your needs. True Bloom offers a fantastic couples’ treatment(s) room, which can accommodate two to three people comfortably. Alternatively, we are happy to arrange simultaneous services in separate rooms. If you’re interested in bringing multiple guests, be sure to reach out to us as soon as possible so we  can accommodate your group. 

Set an Intention

Once you’ve planned your day of treatments and booked your appointments, take some time to visualize the journey you’re about to embark on. Don’t let the stress of daily life mar your spa experience—set your expectations before you step into the wellness center. If you’ve been feeling especially absent-minded or consumed by worry, ask your therapist about strategies to set the tone for your treatments. At True Bloom, our therapists offer intention cards to help you enter your Zen space before your session commences. When you begin your appointment with a peaceful mindset, you’ll reap the full benefits of our services. 

If you’re on the search for the ideal day spa in Boulder for group treatments, contact our concierge. We provide our clients with a tailored luxury experience, and we’re happy to work with you to create the best set of services for your needs. True Bloom uses plant-powered ingredients to nourish our guests’ bodies and minds, and we’re confident that you’ll love our signature treatments. If you’re eager to treat yourself to luxury spa services on a regular basis, our membership program may be a great option to keep you feeling refreshed. Members save 50% on services their first visit, and 20% or more on each of our services and products for a year, so please get in touch with us to enroll in our membership program.